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Discord Server Links ✠O†aku✠


Hey, hey you over here, come join our community of anime/manga lovers. O†aku is a safe place for everyone. We offer, Active chats, Vcs, Safe environment, LGBTQ+ friendly, No Racism, Giveaways.

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Anime Soul Discord

Discord Server Links
Anime Soul Discord

We're the largest Anime community on Discord! Join us today. Our goal is to bring anime fans and gamers from everywhere around the world to one place! More than 350.000+ members and counting. Things we offer Unique Anime card game! Collect, trade, sell, Unique currency system, turn activity into rewards, Unique Network system, play our card game across other servers, A heavily moderated community to ensure a safe environment, A great staff team, ready to help you out when you need.

Community Anime Manga Animesoul

Troll Xone

Discord Server Links
Troll Xone

Join us to enjoy different bots. Kill time like you kill common sense. Troll here with other people, just don't hurt anyone's feeling and you are good to go.


Sinful 18+| E-Girls • Adults • Gamers • Social • Anime • Fun • No.1 Voice Chats• Clubs & Events

Discord Server Links
Sinful 18+| E-Girls • Adults • Gamers • Social • Anime  • Fun • No.1 Voice Chats• Clubs & Events

Sinful 18+| E-Girls • Adults • Gamers • Social • Anime • Fun • No.1 Voice Chats• Clubs & Events. Adult SFW & Sinful Community•1:1 Ratio • Dating • Gambling• Events & Clubs• Active Chats & VC's •Among Us

Games Active chats Egirls Anime Fun

🍥 CHILL HUB 🍥 |13+|

Discord Server Links
🍥 CHILL HUB 🍥 |13+|

🌸Come join us and help our server grow into one large, friendly, community! 🌸Events, games, anime, movies, and streams will be hosted in this server. 🌸Were also very open to doing partnerships with other servers! Feel free to pm me! 🌸We’re going to be looking for one more admin and 4 Mods! If you’ve ever wanted to become one, now is your chance. We’d also like people who have had experience but no experience is fine as well! 🌸Server age range is 13+

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