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Group rules: ★It is strictly forbidden to go in the inbox without permission of the group members (including calls) ★You are here to learn english, so links related to adult contents,advertising,marketing,income earning etc. shouldn't be shared here. ★Discussions on issues such as politics, religion, race etc. are strictly forbidden ★Those who don't comply with the above rules will be expelled from the group immediately ★Contact with the admins if you have any complaints ★Give respect and take respect 🍁

ielts daily tasks quiz learn english
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WhatsApp Group links

This is an English learning group which shares much more learning stuffs on daily basis. If you would like to be part of there, join using the link below THIS GROUP IS ONLY FOR SERIOUS ENGLISH LEARNERS.

learn english

South Asian Languages

Discord Server Links
South Asian Languages

South Asian Languages is an inclusive, family-friendly discord community for studying south asian languages. The server aims to promote the language diversity of South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan & the Maldives). If you're from South Asia or interested in learning South Asian languages, please consider joining it. With regular free language classes for hindi, urdu, telugu, tamil, malayalam, bangla etc., conversational voice channels, and our weekly reading and pronunciation group you will always find something to help you improve your south asian language skills. So drop by, hang out and learn something new today

language hindi urdu tamil telugu bengali language learning

- L -

Discord Server Links
- L -

Discord server for European languages We invite you all to -L-, a new server, which was created to help each other learn European languages, these are: French, Russian, Turkish, German, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Latin and many others! The most important rule of our server is ban for English, so that one can write here in any language except English, so this is true server for language learning!

Learn spanish European languages Languages expert