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*•Welcome To All Members•* *Anyone who wants to order anything, contact Admin* *The price will be lower than the market, and you will not get any complaints* *GROUP RULES* *~Not Allowed~* 🚫 *If anyone goes to someone's personal then tell me you guys send me screenshot in personal then I will take action on it* *Those Who Do Not Follow The Group Rules Will Be Directly Removed*😡😡 *ONLY FOR PAKISTAN* *ADMIN* *~_MUHAMMAD~ZAYAN~KHAN_~*

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Kota Doria or Kota Doriya is the name of a light woven fabric made of tiny woven squares (khat) which is still handwoven on traditional pit looms in Kaithoon near Kota in Rajasthan and in some of the surrounding villages. Kota Doriya Sarees are made of pure cotton and silk and have square like patterns known as khats on them. The chequered weave of a Kota sari is very popular. They are very fine weaves and weigh very little. Kota Real Zari Sarees, Kota Real Zari Tissue Sarees, Kota Resham Sarees, Kota Block Printed Sarees, Kota Silk Sarees, Kota Cotton Sarees, Kota Fancy Sarees, Kota Cotton Suits, Kota Silk Suits, Kota Real Jari Suits,

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